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Film Club Title

Grow Your Own

23rd November 2018


Doors open: 7.30pm

Performance: 8.00pm

Tickets: £5.00


Booking: E-mail  

                Phone us on 01920 466212


Ware Arts Review

Grow Your Own is a gentle sweet-smelling comedy that is

blessed with plenty of British charm, Set in the North of England,

a bunch of grumpy old men spend their days nurturing their

beloved allotments, while passing comment on their neighbours'

vegetables. They're less than happy when a family of asylum

seekers move in on their precious patch.


Director Richard Laxton's previous outing, the urban drama

Life And Lyrics was compelling, edgy viewing, but Grow Your

Own yearns for a nostalgic past but is just as compelling.


A decent cast is put to good use and are on top form

including small-minded bully and self-appointed chairman Big John (Phillip Jackson), and the world-weary Kenny (Alan Williams), who is hiding the fact his wife has left him. The new residents meanwhile, are far too calm and polite to make their characters believable.


Frank Cottrell Boyce's script is full of witty one-liners, set in simple and well developed plot that addresses some current social issues, especially within small (and small minded) communities.


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